Tips to Find a Perfect Life Partner on Matrimonial Sites

  • February 17, 2020
  • By: Sathimilan Blogdesk
  • Grooms , Wedding

Marriage is one of the most important event in an individual’s life. Especially in India, it is perceived as more of a cultural event rather than just two people getting together to spend the future.

From early 2000s, eversince internet has taken the centrestage in both public and personal life, the concept of free matrimonial service has been very popular specially among the middle class population.

The free matrimony service provided by these online agencies gave further boost among those in search of their soulmate and did not want much parental involvement. It thus fulfilled the dual purpose of an online dating service punched with the long term aspiration to get married.

Initially as a concept free marriage service , the had an instant appeal among the youth as well as the parent class. Once it achieved a certain level of success matrimonial platforms limited their free services thereby compelling members to become paid members which ensured refined search of soulmate.

Let us explore some aspects/tips which should be taken care by both prospective bride and groom in order to engage with the correct people.

From the side of the bride

  1. Profile should be self made
  2. This is one area where women in search of groom needs to work upon. Most male profiles are self made and they prefer women who tell their own story rather than parents or siblings doing it for them.

    It is purely psychological. No man would want his wife to be told each and every step by her parents even after marriage. Men get attracted to female profiles that are self made on the pretext that the profile is stable enough to make her own decisions and choices.

  3. The photo effect
  4. Next most appropriate step is the visual appeal. Add your best photos which you think are appropriate for the occasion of marriage. Your photos should be good enough to lure the groom to send you an interest for starters.

    Photos should be such, that brings the best of you with dignity. Avoid uploading pics with skimpy clothes.

  5. Stop being microscopic
  6. This is another important area where most women profiles get trapped into. Your search should be based on macro aspects and not micro. You will tend to lose potential soulmate if you apply too many filters.

    Look for the person who has qualities that would go long way to build the perfect ground for relationship. Qualities such as kindlness, respect for elders, empathy, reliabilty should take centerstage.

    You should let go off tiny details like whether the male profile can sing and dance.

  7. Give chance to the most unlikely
  8. Sometimes the most desired love and relationship goals might come from the most unknown corners. In order to try this out, you should meet the male profile even if they aren’t your type. After all arrange marriages in India are all about permutations and combinations. 

    Do not come to any conclusion by the male’s seemingly glamorous corporate job and a seven figure CTC .

  9. Don’t haste and keep fear at the backseat
  10. If you are in early 30s and looking for that perfect match, you should really put aside your checklist of that perfect groom as it often clouds your judgement. Emphasis should be given on how the person make you feel rather than whether he has all the qualities.

    Lastly, never allow your fear of ending up alone take pivotal role in choosing the life partner. It is always good to wait than haste.

From the side of the groom

  1. Do not judge a book by its cover
  2. Men often dream to get that, “ONE” woman as life partner who will have the beauty of Katrina Kaif.Sending interest to only such profiles limits your prospects of finding the right kind of bride who could have been your most compatible partner otherwise.

    With beauty alone the foundation of a successful marital life cannot be laid.

  3. Thorough research is necessary
  4. Yes! Blindly concluding from what is mentioned in the bio of the bride profile in the matrimonial might not be the right idea especially when you have the option to cross-check from other social media platforms.

    Use of Google, Facebook, Instagram is inevitable to scan the bride’s social profile. Aspects like polictical and religious views, her interests and tastes in movies and music can be known by scrolling the details under varius tabs.

    Professional authencity can be checked through LinkedIn. Nowadays every true professional however big or small have an account at LinkedIn.

  5. Initiate the first wave of contact
  6. Now that you have garnered enough confidence about the profile you liked the most, it is time to initiate the first contact and let the prospective bride know that you are interested in her.

    If she reciprocates positively then all you have to do is let her know your intentions and how serious is your proposition to go ahead with her.

  7. Chat intelligently
  8. Women often do not like to share phone numbers at the very first insatnce of chatting. Do not pester the profile to share her phone number.

    Most women get swayed by intelligence. So mixing your chat with humour, sarcasm and intelligence would make it easier for you to take the relationship to the next level.

  9. Controlling your emotions is a must
  10. Going through the very process of marriage is a highly emotional journey for an individual. So it is advised not to go all out unless both of you are clear about where exactly you want to head with the relationship.

  11. Conclusion
  12. It can thus be inferred that matrimonial platforms in the form of mobile and web applications are still the number one choice among the young working class people in search of soulmate.

    In present day, the matrimonial platforms are linking the profiles with UIDAI or the AADHAR inorder to avoid fraud and fake people. Hence questions regarding authencity cannot be raised.