Matrimonial Services portal – How the circumstance of arranged marriage changed nowadays

  • March 18, 2020
  • By: Sathimilan Blogdesk
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The later half of the 20th century especially the last decade witnessed the arrival of a technological revolution that left an impact in the lives of people all across the world. 

For a country like India that is laced with a strong cultural and social fabric, this technological revolution was put to use for greater good for social integration.

Marriages in India are more of a ritual and are very close to members of every sect that is there in this vast geographical expanse. With the dawn of the internet something like Free Matrimonial Service popped up. This was a completely new concept that was about to change people’s lives for all times to come.

It is very important to note that unlike many western countries marriages in India are mostly socially arranged by the parents or relatives of the bride and the groom.

The techno-social revolution was changing the entire way marriages were being looked upon. The earlier system of involvement of parents to find the match for their sons or daughter started to face protests and reluctance.

With access to the internet and computer every prospective, young, marriageable man and woman now wanted to search their own life partner.

The fear of ending up with a bored out marital life with someone who is decided for them by others, pushed the GEN-Y to search for their own life partner.

Just during these times, Free Matrimony Service and free online dating services became a popular choice among the GEN-Y since they realized that marriage is a crucial turning point in their lives.

As the 21st century arrived, the popularity of Free Matchmaking Services grew exponentially since it gave the opportunity of making your own profile, chart out your own partner expectations etc.

Gradually the barriers of caste and religion also began to blur out as young people in the legal marriageable age began to break social taboos attached to inter-caste or interfaith marriages.  

GEN-Y have already embraced this product of techno-social revolution in the form of matrimony service. So what is the ease of using a matrimonial services portal that caused an entire generation of young adults to drift away from a set social standard?

How did these online web/mobile based matrimonial portals won the hearts of the GEN-Y? Here are some factors: 

Easy and Quick Access

    We buy the best denim from the store after choosing from at least 20 of them that are placed in rows and columns. Contrary to this, the previous practice of arranging marriages by marriage bureaus or relatives were subject to a lot of restrictions particular to choice.

    A point came when it appeared that marriage became a social imposition where individual choices didn’t matter anymore. This was factored out by the online matrimonial portals that offered free as well as paid services.

    A typical  free matchmaking service consists of a database of bride and groom profiles which are easily accessible by the registered members. So as a bride or groom you are left with a plethora of choices to communicate with people and test compatibility.

Hassle free registration process

    It is really simple so that even a 10 year old can register and log in. All you need is to update your basic facts like age, gender, email etc to start with. Many Free Online Dating Services are making the process of registration simpler by allowing you to register through social media i.e. Facebook, Google, Instagram etc.

    After this you are required to fill in the details of your education, family, profession and partner preferences with an option to edit them in future. 

Secured and Trustworthy

    Yes! Almost all matrimonial sites in India are built with efficient encryption and security walls that make  sure that your sensitive information like email address, phone no etc is not leaked unless approved by you.

  1. Easy to approach without compromise
  2. This is one of the biggest reasons for the success of free matrimony service in India. Once you are registered as a member you can approach who you think is a suitable match and break the conversation via messages or by telephonic calls.  This takes away the anxiety in case of couples meeting for the first time when marriages used to be facilitated by parents.

    The best part is, you don’t have to compromise on your partner preferences which you seek. In an ideal world most brides and grooms are getting upto 70- 80 percent match in their preferences of partners through free online dating services. 

Easy on the wallet

    Most matrimonial services in India are free. But if you have to extract the juice out of it, there are certain exclusive features which get unlocked upon the payment of a subscription.

    You can pay the subscription money via online payment gateways using debit or credit card and enjoy more exclusive features. There are also provisions where the Matrimony Service can place an executive for a more personalized care of your preferences who will design your profile in a more attractive way to achieve the desired results. 

    Candidates who are serious about finding their life partner and settle down in life do not hesitate to pay for better services. 


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