How to make an eye-catching matrimonial profile

  • April 17, 2020
  • By: Sathimilan Blogdesk

The matrimonial websites connect you globally and give you a plethora of options and provide Best Matrimonial Service to find your soulmate. You can find your partner from same culture as you are from Indian Matrimony, not only from your country but anywhere around the world. The young as well as the elders in the family can manage the profiles because these websites are simple and user friendly. Due to the available technologies they are very reliable as they have many filters and privacy options. Also, on these sites, the data that you see is verified and authentic. If you have a distinct and attractive profile, it will attract more users towards your profile and they will approach you by sending a request. There are some tips and tricks to make your profile more impressive, so that you can attract the right people to your portfolio.

1. Display Picture

    Your picture should be free from beauty filters and should not look artificial or photo shopped. Your profile picture plays the most important role here because “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Just put as many pictures as you can because it will help your potential partner to understand more about you. You can add some pictures that show your personality & interests. Suppose, If you like hiking, travelling, kayaking, reading a book in a coffee shop, show your likings and lifestyle through your photos. An account without the display picture might look suspicious and nobody will be interested to check the profile that does not have a proper identity. Avoid using some old pictures, it should match your current age. You can choose a favorite current photo of yourself.

2. Profile details

    Keep your profile updated and distinct. Your profile should tell a short story that describes your personality. Make your bio positive by writing positive statements instead of negative. For instance, instead of saying “I am not looking for someone introverted, you can say that I am looking for someone who is social and outgoing”. Give all the necessary details of yourself because then it will be easier for a person to shortlist. Mention your hobbies, likes, dislikes, taste, preference etc and provide all the necessary information. For your profile to look attractive, you can also mention your goals and dreams. However, do not give too much detail - save that part for later conversation. If you have any deal breakers like - smoking, children, and pets - you should mention them right away. The more specific the better. If you are seriously looking for a match then you must share truthful and authentic details.

3. Mention Family History

    Family background is essential that must be added in matrimonial profile. Wedding site is not a dating site, ought to incorporate data about your family, who all are a piece of your family, what they do, and so forth. This helps the other individual and his/her family to know a tad about the status and foundation you have a place with. It additionally shapes a basic piece of your character now and again.

4. Ideal Match preferences

    Be reasonable while mentioning the preference details and avoid anything that is negative and sounds bitter. Avoid listing the ideal partner’s body weight, skin color and body type. If you focus on characteristics you may sound overly picky and the person might lose interest in you. Try to find compatibility instead of just focusing on looks. Be true to yourself and the other person while looking for a match. You want to attract people with similar values and interests," so putting those values and interests out there will ensure that like-minded individuals will know what you're about. Avoid boring and cliché phrases.

5. Second Opinion Is Recommended:

    Once you finish writing your bio, you can ask your friend or relative to review because sometimes they know you better than you know yourself. Someone who is close to you and honest with you should be able to tell you if your profile is missing anything or requires any modification. You can take ideas from other people’s profiles but try not to copy the same details because they might have different ideas.

  1. Cheer up - Because There is Always Someone for Everyone!!
  2. Trying to find a life partner is not an easy task, whether it is online or not. As they say good things take time, so don’t lose hope if things are not going as you expected them to be. Don’t get discouraged during the process and try to enjoy the journey. Finding love is totally possible with little mindfulness and some effort. When you have a positive outlook towards life, you become more attractive to the world. So just go out there, be true to yourself and enjoy the journey of finding a life partner from Best Matrimonial sites. 

    Good Luck!