Love lockdown: How married couples are dealing with self-isolation

  • April 28, 2020
  • By: Sathimilan Blogdesk

Hello Quarantine, Goodbye Routine!!

This pandemic has created havoc in everybody’s life. Couples who typically only see each other in the evenings or during weekends, are now forced to stay together all day long. Whether one or both are working from home, or are currently unemployed, this situation creates shifts in the dynamics of relationship. On one hand it is a wonderful time to strengthen your partnership while on the other, for some it might lead to conflict or clashes between them. However, during these times it is important for you to work simultaneously on prioritizing your relationship, while following the norms of social distancing and lockdown.

There is a lot a couple can do, proactively, to not only survive this house arrest situation but to actually thrive through it.

1. Your Mind Likes Routine

    It is very important to keep yourself mentally happy and calm. For your good mental health as well as for your partner’s, it is most important to follow a pre quarantine routine and try to stick with the routine as much as possible. At first it might appear to be difficult, but don’t give up. However, more than just creating a schedule, start by coming up with your own personal day-to-day routine, which does not necessarily mean that both of you have to do everything together. For example, get up at the same time as you used to do before and go to bed at the appropriate time. Try to stick to your usual work timings. In between you can take breaks together to make it enjoyable.

2. Lockdown Etiquettes

    Try to treat your partner with kindness and respect, even when you don’t feel like it. In this global tragedy, it is quite likely to get irritated and lose control over yourself, with everything that is going around. It is not possible for you to control everything, but there is one thing you have control over is how you treat each other. There might be times when you don't know how to calm yourself down, so during this time you can try things like deep breathing, yoga, meditation, drawing, listening to good music, watching movies etc to uplift your mood. Always remember to apologize when you are unkind, and forgive your partner for being rude at times as well. Blame games generally do not help, so try to stay away from that.

3. Locked In Love

    Generally couples have issues between them because of the lack of communication or not finding time for each other. Pre Quarantine you might not get the time to enjoy being around one another. There is so much stress and a lot of things happening in everyone's life that there is no time left for the nourishment of relationships. You might get to see your partner late evenings or during the weekends only. But this is the opportunity to grow closer and being locked up in house together may have been a dream come true.

    You might feel bored and frustrated as you stay locked behind a door that is meant to protect from a potentially lethal illness, but there is always a silver lining. So instead of thinking of this as a house arrest, think of this situation as a lockdown in love. Now is the time to resolve your issues if any and plan for a beautiful future together. Sit down and have a meaningful conversation to build stronger partnerships and bonds without any distractions or phones around. Take it as a tremendous opportunity to learn more about your partner and grow together.

4. "Me Time" Is As Important As "We Time"

    Take some time for yourself to do something that you enjoy the most. It could be anything like, take a bubble bath, read a novel, watch your favourite movie, meditate or just sit by yourself etc. Spending some time with yourself will lift your mood and you will have a better time being together. The feeling of separation will allow you to come back to your partner with much more excitement and desire.

5. Do Not Fall Prey To Fake News

    You will see a lot of fake news trends going around different social media platforms. So try to avoid any panicking news as much as you can. If you get any news like that, before reacting to it make sure to double check on authentic government sites. Do not be a victim of this fake news trend, as it may lead to the situation of conflict between you and your partner.

6. Hashtag Couple Goals

    This is a very popular hashtag used these days wherein you see celebrity couples posting pictures of themselves working out, dancing, making funny videos etc. Couple Goals is all about that. So if you also want to be a part of this trend, try out an activity of your choice with your partner, be it gardening, baking, learning new skills together, planning a surprise date night etc. Now that you have all the time in the world, this is a great way to bring back old memories.