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COVID19 Lockdown: 5 ways couples can use this time productively

  • April 06, 2020
  • By: Sathimilan Blogdesk

The world is grappling and struggling with a pandemic coronavirus code named as covid-19 that is spreading like the Wildfire of the Amazon forests engulfing every human species that comes in its way.

World economy has come to a standstill and governments of at least 200 countries are working 24x7 to save the life of its citizens leaving all other work.

All of Europe, America and Asia have imposed domestic lockdown, international flights have been banned as this pandemic virus transmitted from human to human.

Corporate bodies all across the world have gone into the work from home mode. This has opened up a host of new opportunities for human resource discovery.

Time has never been riper for couples irrespective of marital status to come closer to each other during these tough times.

The Mantra of social distancing can be used productively by couples who are either married or about to get married.

The brighter side of the 21 day lockdown in India is many. No more complaints of not sharing enough time with each other. Take this opportunity that would probably not come for the second time and use it to recharge your relationship with your partner and heal any kind of train that may have happened in the past and requires your attention.

In this article we offer our suggestions to couples married or otherwise about how to use this 21 day lockdown to the fullest.

Do things together

    Assuming that the male is working from home, this is the time to bring in the element of surprise to your wife and girlfriend. Jump in the kitchen during lunch or dinner time and with the kitchen activities. This does not mean you have to start cooking all of a sudden.

    It's just engaging in healthy activities at home.

    It is good enough if you help her in cutting the vegetables and providing her the utensil she might be in need of, finding the right container of spices and the showstopper would be to wash the utensils two times a day. No maids during lockdown. This will provide you a window where you will realize that while in the kitchen you have a host of new topics to talk about which will come out instantly and you will get to know some different sides of each other's personality which probably had not surfaced so far.

    Another task that both of you can do together is early morning yoga or jogging exercises and a walk together down the road after dinner.

Communication is key

    These are trying times that often lead to stressful mental conditions. The reason for this is the negativity that is surrounding us about the loss of lives and infections growing at an exponential rate .

    During these moments of anxiety it is essential for both parties to be very clear on the communication between each other.

    Remember, only a thoughtful communication process can prevent any kind of misunderstanding in an already tough situation. Stay away from verbal attacks.

Make sure to have me time as well

    Various researches have shown Relationships under Quarantine show indications of irritation or development of conflict.

    While increasing the bonding between couples during the lockdown period Is desirable at the same time it should not lead to a situation where both of them feels like breathing upon each other's neck.

    Connecting and staying connected with your loved ones are two different aspects of our emotions. In a conjugal relationship one cannot be just the giver. You also need to refresh and recharge yourself in order to keep up that quotient.

    For this spending some lone time is also required to get back to each other.

Don't take differences as offence

    Yes, even during this time differences in opinion is most likely to happen. You should be careful enough not to be too judgmental in interpreting the differences. Something that is fundamentally wrong with the other person.

    Point is not to fall in the trap. You must understand that the differences are a reflection of heterogeneity of thoughts between both of you which keeps the relationship alive and going. There would not be any charm if everything is homogeneous.

Resolve those unresolved issues

    While the normal course of life was going on prior to the lockdown, both of you probably wanted to say many things to each other at different moments but those issues got brushed aside due to some or the other reasons.

    Now is the best time to address those unresolved issues and work on the elephant in the room.

    In conclusion it is important for both the couple how to make the best use of this lockdown to your advantage and once this is over you will notice that your relationship have evolved and both of you will come out as transformed individuals and more compassionate towards each other.

Take care during coronavirus.