SathiMilan: Your Artificial Intelligence based matchmaking partner

  • March 30, 2020
  • By: Sathimilan Blogdesk

It is a treat for veteran software programmers who were a part of the IT revolution that they are living through the times when technology has galloped to such heights that they are leaving a positive impact on general human life.

From helping small and big profit making business units to take strategic decisions to helping individual men and women of the 21st century find their life partner AI Algorithms are now aggressively redefining love and matchmaking.

Our analysis of recent social trends has observed that times have changed. More-so in the world of getting the right kind of partner or soulmate. Matchmaking Using Artificial Intelligence has gradually entered the scene.

Gone are the days where relationships were mostly based on the prevailing circumstances of our lives, our networks or by any coincidence.  While those situations still prevail it might not work for many. For the tech savvy generation of the 21st century emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are proving to be handy.

Artificial intelligence in dating and matrimony applications has proven to be more effective in knowing YOU better than friends, colleagues and guess yourself.

“Algorithms can learn from experiences of billions of others, while a typical person can only learn from their own experience and the experience of a relatively small number of friends.” -- said Michal Kosinski, a computational psychologist and assistant professor at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business

So! How is AI working in the matchmaking space?

    Yes, that is the most pertinent question here. Take the example of Google docs voice to text feature. Just like the voice assistant will type everything that the writer otter speaks through the microphone thereby making  the task of writing a lot easier and also giving the author the ability to express his thoughts and words on the paper just as he would mean it.

    Similarly the AI algorithm acts as your most dearest friend that knows you in and out the extent which might surprise you. The most minute of your sensitivity is being captured and reserved by the artificial intelligent assistant which then matches it with someone who might be your potential soulmate.

    Yes it is true that no emerging technology like Artificial Intelligence For Matrimony or dating service can work on its own. You have to feed in sufficient data about yourself for it to get a basic minimum idea like who you are,  your tastes, habits, preferences, likes and dislikes and leave the rest. You may not be aware that your soulmate is waiting right in the third house of the block.

    The results that come out from these are spectacular.  More than 500 couples get married through this kind of dating and Matrimony platform each day all over the world. 

Where does Sati Milan come in?

    It is indeed a staggering question that in the presence of popular mobile app based dating platforms like Tinder that are  backed by buy US based multinationals how does an Indian matrimony platform face the challenge?

    The answer is simple: what works in the west may not work best for India, A country that has diverse cultural and regional implications that plays an important role in the buildup of each individual's psychology.

    This tech savvy generation of millennials is discarding traditional methods of matchmaking and switching to AI powered matchmaking platforms that could help them find more socially and intellectually compatible partners.

    Let's discuss some of the features of how Sathi Milan can help you to match with the one you have been waiting for so long. 

  1. Fake profile detection
  2. Match making Using Artificial Intelligence and the program behind it has never been a cakewalk for the developers at Sathi Milan.  Utmost care has been taken to weed out any fake profiles that try to register with Sathi Milan. 

  3. Matchmaking based on authentic data
  4. Remember those times when you have to browse through numerous profiles to find your soulmate in traditional matrimonial sites. Now that can be a good treat for the eyes for those who have enough time. But today's millennials are also ambitious and technologically updated.

    It has been observed that a manual search process or browsing through profiles often leads to a lot of rejection on either side.  This leads to depression and withdrawal attitude.

    This happens largely because a manual scan of profiles is done based on the data that is visible to us only on the matrimonial site. There are a lot many things that do not find a place of mention in the boxes of description of the matrimony platform. 

    Sathi Milan’s AI system of matchmaking swims across the web and dig out the minutest of details about an individual based on personal and professional records that are available. 

    This is then matched and correlated with the person of similar characteristics and a best match suggestion is made to both of them. And guess what, our conversion rate has been more than 70% since we started to provide the service.

  5. Offline meeting facilitator
  6. Once our AI matchmaker has filtered out your soulmate you can straight away start the conversation by messaging. This saves a lot of your valuable time and helps you focus on constructive discussion that would further help you in knowing the person. 

    Moreover the AI enabled Matrimony site relieves you from the tension of planning a date with your soulmate. AI assistants help users for best first date activity based on interests and personalities Thereby increasing the chances of positive results. 

Bottom line

    It is no more an enigma that AI has taken over the online dating and Matrimony services. Today's platforms must address the tech Savvy Nature of millennials.