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About Us

Set the alarm in your smartphone and bang, it will wake you up like your grandma. SathiMilan’s Artificial Intelligence based free matrimony is here to take away all your worries of finding the right partner.

Time runs fast in this day and age where technology has taken a centerstage in almost every sphere of our regular life.

The very thought of having the perfect soulmate through a free marriage site is very intriguing and whenever it is raised, we tend to become very sensitive. Out of that sensitivity we interact with our gadgets in a way that gives them an idea about our tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes.

SathiMilan’s revolutionizing free matrimony service is challenging all other traditional practices of finding the right partner. In the process it eliminated medieval methods that you find in other matrimonial sites.


Sathimilan Goals

The mission behind SathiMilan is to change the outlook towards soulmate search and make it free from the clutches of traditionalists who emphasised more on irrelevant issues. That is what makes it the best matrimonial sites in India.

Marriage is all about the possibilities of clicking two impossible personalities. They say men are from Mars and women from Venus apparently that makes them two different worlds having distinct identities, tastes, choices and preferences.

By applying Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, developers at SathiMilan have taken the process of matching two individuals at a whole new level. All this packed in a free matrimony service.

SathiMilan believes that every individual has different personality traits. Our algorithm captures the major drivers of a profile and the smallest hidden patterns and dependencies as well.

Marriage-Sites in-India

How SathiMilan Matchmaker Works

Our Artificial Intelligence fish swims across the internet tracing your footprints and makes an exhaustive scan of your past and present behaviour, your in app activity as well as your activity with other non related applications.

SathiMilan matchmaking services breaks the myth that the whole Artificial Intelligence based matchmaking site is as good as the data they are fed with. This would mean that the Artificial Intelligence tool shall work best when you feed it with massive amounts of data, which is not the case here.

The Artificial Intelligence matchmaking services of SathiMilan have been developed with an advanced level algorithm that is capable of identifying even the smallest patterns and dependencies.

Often the profiles are not aware of this personality traits themselves and may not be thinking about the level of sentiment in the in-app conversation. But the algorithm can easily calculate it and match you with a person with the same level of sentiment or the one that responds positively to one.


What Makes SathiMilan Different?

The vision of SathiMilan is to provide the best seamless experience to our users and matchmakers and encourage them to upgrade to our premium services to extract the full juice.

At SathiMilan we understand that the search for your soulmate is one of the most important phases and you definitely would not like to get connected with a fraud or someone who is not genuine.

But how to detect fraud and cheats manually? Well, you don’t have to wreck your head in filtering out frauds and cheats on a regular basis. Our advanced programme on Artificial Intelligence based matchmaking will outsmart any fraudster and will detect and report any suspicious activity.

The virtual dating space is prone to scam attacks and Sathi Milan is well equipped to put them in the right place.


Be a Matchmaker

By becoming a matchmaker at you can have access to a great match making experience backed by new age technology.  We have a talent pool of matchmakers with access to thousands of singles.

We at SathiMilan have put in a great deal of effort to give our users and matchmakers a seamless matchmaking experience that will effect in identifying matching partners on qualitative aspects and eventually increase the quantity of marriages.

A Matchmaker serves a crucial role in the single's dating process. Once you find your match the matchmaker can set up the perfect ground for the initial match date.  It helps the parties through difficulties that may arise, and serve as the intermediary between the couple until they are comfortable to move forward themselves.

If you are interested in becoming a matchmaker then please click:  Register To Be a Matchmaker Directly below is a quick summary of how a single picks a matchmaker and how a Matchmaker can access and use the database.

Do you wish to be a matchmaker? Please contact us at: with any questions.




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